The battle of the Mind, Sound and opinions

Johnathan Pauta


Music. What makes it sound good? How does it get into one’s heart and make a difference in one’s life? Can everyone have the same reaction as the one I had when listening to a specific piece? To answer many of these questions I would come with many different types of responses, many can agree and many can disagree. It is why I chose to look into one piece that has had a high exposure to many people in not just my community but getting known to the whole country and the rest of the world. The piece I want to talk about is something that change my perspective about the world in which I want to see how it began, how it develops, how others interpret it as well as a counterpart. In order to do this, I need to start at the beginning and that would be how it came to be known… so I came into contact with the man with the connections to spread this inspiration…Chris Adams. I had a chance to speak to him and this is what he had to say

…well iv worked with many other artists such as performs, singers, conductors, and as well composers. The process on who I should work with its very difficult, because I’m very I would say picky. When Hubert came to my office, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into or what I was expecting from an old man close to his 60’s, but I was once told that opportunities can come from any direction so I decided to take some time with him. He was very stubborn and a man of a few words, all he did was he handed me his music sheet told me to take a look at it and left. I believed I was just wasting my time in the beginning, but the more I looked into it I knew right away the amount of work that was put in, the very specific detail and notes placed onto a piece of paper just gave me goosebumps. So, I began to work and looked for the right people to bring this inspiration out to the world. The first thing what I did was look for the performers and found the perfect candidates to play this Quartet, as well as contacting with one of my conductors I’ve worked for a long time. Once I had my players, an opportunity came a filmmaker known as Chris walker was asking me to help him seek out the perfect soundtrack for his new film. It felt like whatever I did, every tool I needed was brought to me……

Chris Adams Arts administration

I was very fortunate to meet with Adams being able to talk to him as well to see how he works in his professional field. Of course, I couldn’t let this chance slip away and was able to ask to meet with one of his associates goes by the name of Danny Willmates a conductor for 15 years as well as conducting my favorite piece. When meeting him, he was so serious and straight forward that I admit I was terrified to talk to him. Building up the courage I was able to get a glimpse on what his thoughts were on this piece of art.

“when I conduct, I don’t just follow what is written in front of me but I follow the spirit of the notes that lead me to create the precise sound of emotion for others to follow. When I rise my hand, it is the cue to start with a small choir and then setting up with a steady rhythm with one violin playing a small key note. But the spirit of the page becomes angered where it triggered me and speed up the tempo with a second violin. This anger emotion continues and eventually calming down were I lower the sound for a bit. But the anger is over whelming that I lose control to keep my mind clear and pushing the sounds to be faster and stronger building the intense emotion from anger to rage have me leading the violins to take control of the piece. I knew right away that this can either be uplifting or something disturbing but this will leave something in people emotional life.”

Danny Willmates conductor

Having the right connections is one of the most important accessories to have, so I wonder what would an expert say about it. Which gave the opportunity to consult with one and at the end I was just shocked on what he had to say, why? Because I couldn’t agree with him more.

it is not just inspiring but a heartbreaking impulse with a mix of fight or flight instinct sounds that powers one’s emotion of passion of not giving up. This piece was created for a specific purpose: the power of pushing one’s limit and having a real-life experience instead of having a made-up fantasy with no meaning. The inspiration that Hubert had, you sense the down falls of pain and struggle that he puts into.  His creativity, instantly I noticed the 4 formats that connects this piece perfectly. Starting off with the Intro, you can listen to a steady tempo hearing a voice like an opera following with a string like instrument and merging violins creating a sense of something dangerous is approaching you. When that approach comes in contact, the two violins starts to play in a faster tempo and you can just image a battle between you and that (beast) in front of you. At the end of the second format it transitions to the exposition listening to a hostel setting with an image of yourself on the ground being tried, trying to find the courage to get back up leading to the verse of the piece. With no rest in mind the repetition of the verse ending with a coda you can just listen to the sounds getting heavier and stronger that you are about to give a final strike to determine the end result. I would say that this piece is something that all composer should aim for, building a piece where you can sense the composer emotion when being performed.”

Johnathan Pauta 2018, musicologist

Just listen to Johnathan’s great point of view I just had to keep this going and look into another’s person perspective. At the moment I couldn’t think of anyone expect for my friend who’s been a dancer all her life. I wanted to see how she would react listening and what kind of movements she would use. What made her so amazing is the way she would come up with new dances to perform on stage or teach others by being blindfolded only listening the sounds of music letting her body do the work. it was sight to behold. As I watched I asked her how did she feel.

“it felt like my arms and legs were heavy. This music, I didn’t know what my body would do when the sounds got faster and heavier but to spin and spin and kick as high as I can leading me to kneel and get back up again and repeat the same movements. It just felt so powerful even thou I grew tired which normally doesn’t happen when I dance but I kept pushing to follow the emotion of the sound. When I noticed that this music was about a little over 6 minutes long it felt like I was moving for a long period of time…. Basically, I lost the sense of time all together. But when the song ended it felt like I stopped half a step ending my performance without a conclusion which disappointment me, a story of no ending, having a point A with no point B.”

Charlotte Canete, Dancer, performer since 1996

Wasn’t the response I was hoping for, felt like a confusion feeling more on the side of disliking the piece but it was expected to come along my journey. Going from disliking to hating. No matter how great a piece can sound to one’s ears it can mean the total opposite for another. To step outside of my comfort zone I decided to go to a place where I knew I would get a strong response. The great hold roman catholic church run by a 75-year composer. His thought well its down below:

By far I never in my life have I ever heard such a hateful, evil spreading, ill written piece that I cannot even consider this to even be called music. My whole life, my whole world is meant only to serve the one and only God and made it my mission to use my talent and create pieces for everyone to listen to be close to our creator not for the devil! This type of music being played in our community is creating destructive emotions, corrupting our very soul leading a path of sin and despair. As a composer it hurts my heart to let something like this happen to my brothers and sisters listening to this piece and not being aware of the immorality behavior and feelings it enters them. The tone, and the rhythm in this piece is so heavy, having a fast tempo and the harsh emotion of the performer playing their instrument that the only thing I can see to ever using this piece is in a ritual to call upon evil itself. When it comes to music, we should follow sounds that are holy not evil, being calm and tranquil, using words that are clear and understandable to praise our savior for the love and sacrifice he had given us and as a community we need to be more aware of what type of music we create and listen to and come together to eliminate this threat! Let God be with you all

Adam Damaris, Pastor of St. Gabriel, Church composer

To answer one of the questions I mentioned earlier if everyone can have the same reaction to a specific piece? the answer is no. music can mean different things to different people one loving it some disliking it and other hating it to the fullest. As I reflect on this journey it was indeed a great experience to have while adventuring different worlds from different people. Which is why I would ask how would you interpret it? what are your thoughts on it?  What are the feeling the engulfing inside you when listening to it? …. Final thought when you are feeling down listen to the piece, I’ve been talking about in my journal Requiem for a dream by Cint Mansell. Happy listening…

Sounds of conflict

While watching these three pieces I was able to distinguish 2 types of musical details that can be found in all three. The first one, we could clearly listen to the flute and have a back ground of some violins being played. This connection is one important detail because
it would lead to dancing it self and performance of the dancers/actors. The second detail I was able to listen to was the aggressiveness during the middle of the songs. Telling a back story of the era of conflict during the times around based on love for example when it came to the music, in the beginning it would start off calm and soothing pace then it would hit a part where the rhythm and melodies got higher and faster like they we going to battle with each other or with others. Having these two connections in these three pieces I can’t help but to believe that these songs are related to each other and

modified as time went by.